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The Ultimate Dry Skin Duo

A good portion of my life, I've had sensitive skin, but it's always fallen under the category of a normal skin type. It's the kind skin that is not too dry and not too oily, the "perfect" type of skin. Unfortunately, those days are over due to a fun little thing called aging. As I've aged, I've noticed my skin, especially during the winter time has started to develop dry patches. These dry patches can be difficult to cover up since makeup clings to them and has left me looking and feeling like a flaky mess. The search for the perfect duo has not come easy though, until I found Peter Thomas Roth Cleanse. Drench. Repeat. Hydro-Cleanse Duo

My mom and I recently went to Playa Del Carmen to d​o a wedding. (Side note: I do freelance makeup and she's a wedding planner and floral designer out of Dallas). While we were there I went searching in my mom's toiletry bag (Raise your hand, if you still go through your mom's makeup, skincare and clothes) and came across this little duo. I applied this to my skin all four days we were there and was amazed with how hydrated my face felt and looked after being in the sun all day. When I returned home, I went straight to Ulta and picked up the travel size version. My face has never been the same since and I owe it all to this little duo (and to my mom).

  The Water Drench Cloud cream cleanser is amazing at making my skin feel extra clean without it looking or feeling extremely dry. It removes all my makeup while keeping my skin hydrated, feeling soft, and radiant looking. This 20-something-year-old is quickly approaching 30, so it's extremely important for me to find a cleanser that is gentle and doesn't strip my skin or cause any irritation.

This Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Hydrating Moisturizer (What a mouth full) is hydration in a jar. My dry patches that show up every winter are nowhere to be found. No joke, this light-weight moisturizer has made my skin hydrated, silky soft, and look 100 times healthier. It claims to help lock in hydration for up to 72 hours and while I'll be honest that I haven't timed it. I will say that my skin has not felt dry or looked dull since starting to use this product. 

The consistency of the moisturizer is gel-like, but doesn't make your skin feel sticky after applying. To be honest, I look forward to applying it each night because it feels cool and makes my skin feel refreshed after a long day. 

While finding products that suit your skin type and skin concerns may be tough, the one thing we can do in conjunction with finding the perfect skin care combo is to HYDRATE!! Drinking enough water daily will also help combat your dry skin problems and help keep you looking radiant and youthful. 

Do you have the Ultimate Dry Skin duo? If so, please share with me in the comments below. 

Live Boldly,

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